A Handbook for Waldorf Class teachers

compiled by Kevin Avison.

I got my copy fairly cheaply via a website, and it would seem sensible for potential Waldorf recruits to consult this handbook.

Kevin details how a teacher may create a kind of cult around himself so that it is difficult for anyone else to teach his class. (appendix M)

This is important because Waldorf children spend years and years at school with the same class teacher, and the relationship becomes intense. This is reinforced by “Home Visits” according to Kevin.

The handbook reveals A LOT about how spirituality pervades the classroom and how the teachers, make sure anthroposophy is drip-fed to the children.

More Later.


One comment

  1. Helen

    If this is what you want for your child, fair enough. But it should at least be made clear to parents at the outset that they are signing up to having the contours of their child’s soul delineated as part of the Morning Lesson.(Handbook, page 35.)

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