Biodynamics – a fascinating little ritual.

Recently “biodynamic” growing was given a bit of publicity on the BBC Countryfile programme.

Julia Bradbury entered into the “spirit” of the thing, holding up the cow horn she had just stuffed with manure and declaring it to resemble a giant ice-cream cone.

Yes, that is how it is done. You bury your cow-dung cone in a field . You have to mix the dung with water in a cauldron and stir a certain way to create a “vortex” – I can’t remember whether you do this before or after you bury it, but you get the picture.

The phases of the moon come in to it too, you do your planting accordingly.

Then you stand back in amazement as your crops grow.

Demeter certifies biodynamic produce, and there are brands of biodynamic goods such as  Weleda.

Steiner invented biodynamics, and experiments in his agricultural idea was done at Nazi institutions during WW2, according to an article written recently.

Around Stroud this idea has taken hold in quite a big way, with 50 acres of land devoted to it.

Biodynamic produce is sometimes confused with “organic”. Organic food is grown without the ritual of the stuffing of the cow horn.


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  1. Helen

    The UK headquarters of the biodynamic association is also based in Stroud. (see my list on the “WHY” page, above).
    It is part of the Painswick Inn project. There is also a biodynamic research centre, and of course you can buy biodynamic produce here in Stroud .
    There are courses too at a local college.
    You can buy little bags of manure on-line if you want to try it yourself. A whole unit costs £4.80 from the BDAA shop, or half a unit for £4.20.
    A cow horn costs £4.20. There are pictures to help you make your selection.

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