“We do not …endorse every aspect of [anthroposophy]” – SWSF

The SWSF (Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship) gets tangled up on its website trying to explain how Steiner schools have to be based on anthroposophy, and yet try to distance themselves from it at the same time.

The schools have to have anthroposophy at their core, otherwise they are not allowed to be Steiner schools.

So which aspects of anthroposophy exactly do they not endorse?

Maybe it is the bits about how human races (who lived on Atlantis and Lemuria) vary according to how “developed” they are, the white race being the most developed, according to Steiner. The other races, he decided, need to develop spiritually in order to become equal.

Here you will find a lot more on the subject of Steiner’s racism


A look at the Handbook for Waldorf Class Teachers demonstrates the determination to include these ideas in Waldorf education. References to Atlantis,(page 37) epochs, and earthly incarnation abound.

So these ideas are obviously ok to teach to children. Which ones are not?

They (SWSF) say;

“…his works do contain a number of statements on race that are inappropriate in a modern context.”

They certainly do. Does that mean he may not have been “clairvoyant” after all?

Maybe he couldn’t see any more clearly than any other early 20th century European man with a talent for self-publicity.

Who among us these days would take seriously the proclamations of a clairvoyant? Especially if we wanted advice on education for our child?

Those who use Waldorf are unwittingly entrusting their child’s education to supporters of a “mystic” whose “wisdom” is now discredited. Worryingly, this is included in lessons on a day-to-day basis.

The Waldorf window-dressing techniques provide an elaborate and it seems highly effective mask.



  1. Geoff

    Steiner may well have held racist views! I should think that at least 90% of the continent did as well. I’m sure that many of the great thinkers that we hold dear today were probably racist too . . .
    I don’t think its a valid point really.
    Oh, unless you are suggesting that the Steiner enclaves of Stroud have vociferously maintained an 18th/early 19th Century perspective and are now quietly indoctrinating all the children, patients and carrots.

    • Helen

      I am certainly suggesting that anthroposophists do share Steiners questionable views, and having looked at the Teachers Handbook, believe that these ideas are being taught to children. People should check this out for themselves by reading the handbook, which is apparently well-used in schools, and has been reprinted to keep up with demand.

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