Job opportunity

The SWSF (Steiner Waldorf schools fellowship) features job vacancies on its website.

There is an opportunity at a Steiner school in Ireland for a part-time science teacher.

The preferred qualification for this post is a Waldorf approved qualification;

“The candidate should ideally have an approved qualification in Steiner/Waldorf Teaching or considerable relevant experience in a Steiner/Waldorf School.”

Failing this the candidate could have a state qualification.

This person will have “full responsibility for science within the school.”

The main ability required is to “teach science imaginatively.”

Given what we know about Steiner’s take on science, I suppose a great deal of imagination is required. After all Steiner wrote that animals evolve from humans, and as for human biology…hmm, I don’t know where to start.




  1. Helen

    The London Waldorf Seminar offer a 2 year course; you need to have a good general academic background, preferably up to 18. And “A certain familiarity with or willingness to become familiar with the anthroposophical background of Waldorf education is also essential.”
    It is just as well for parents to see how Waldorf schools select their staff.

  2. Helen

    The idea about evolution in reverse comes from Steiner’s book – “Investigations into occultism showing its practical value in daily life.” I have not read it, but from the blurb on booksellers sites, I don’t think it will be any use to me.

  3. Helen

    I still can’t quite believe that science has such a low priority in a school for 4 – 17 year-olds. The head of science will be part-time, and possibly have A levels in a science subject, followed by 2 years of specialist anthroposophical training, or just experience in a Steiner/Waldorf school.

Any thoughts?

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