Steiner Academy Bristol – Principal Designate

The principal of the new school will have been appointed by now. Person spec for the post of Principal was split in to two sections; one for those applying from the State maintained sector, and one from the Steiner sector.

The differences are in the qualifications required and in the experience.

State sector applicants needed experience of leading and managing a state maintained school, whereas Steiner applicants only required “Experience and working knowledge of the Steiner curriculum, with an understanding of the curriculum from Kindergarten to Upper School.”

State sector applicants also needed;

” Experience and working knowledge of introducing innovative and holistic approaches to learning within the national curriculum”.

In addition to  degree status or equivalent, State sector applicants need a qualification for headship, but Steiner sector applicants only need a Steiner teaching training qualification (Maybe such as the one offered at Westt in Stroud? – see “That’s funny”)

You can see the ad. – no longer available

The ad has been removed, and presumably the vacancy has been filled, and the website has changed.


Any thoughts?

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