Is it a cult?

Stop Steiner in Stroud

It has been described so.

Cult is a pejorative term, and I can see why people may not like the word being used in connection with Steiner. However, it is interesting to look at why the accusation is made sometimes.

This is one definition (from the online dictionary);

“An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest”.

I would say this could fit the description of some Steiner people reasonably accurately. The “persons” can be fairly easy to spot. (although interestingly, you can mistake people for members of this group, when they are not, as happened to me recently!)

Often they share broadly similar political, social and aesthetic opinions, and may be part of other similar groups – say Transition or the Green Party-  or maybe agree on the kind of food or leisure activities they enjoy.

However, becoming part of the Steiner culture, which will often happen initially through kindergartens (there…

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Any thoughts?

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