“… l’athéïsme est considéré par Steiner comme une maladie.”

“Atheism is considered by Steiner as an illness”

This is a quote from Gregoire Perra in his blog post about Steiner’s influence.


Here he describes in detail the many different ways people may be associated with anthroposophy. There is a brilliant diagram at the start which depicts the varying degrees of involvement with the movement.

He describes how those in the outer circle (the readers) may be only vaguely aware of what anthroposophy is, but have adopted one or more of the habits or affiliations which are unique to Steiner, without seeing themselves as part of the movement. (for example buying biodynamic cosmetic products or remedies).

They may even be part of a group which is actively disliked or disapproved of by those who are at the centre of the circle, and do consider themselves to be true believers in anthroposophy; for example Yoga, (many adherents to which are attracted by the Buddhist aspects of anthroposophy) which Gregoire says was specifically denounced by Steiner, and the tenets of New Age beliefs, (apparently there is a difference of opinion about whether civilisation is entering the age of Aquarius or Pisces – they will have to fight that one out between themselves!)

And  Atheism – as I mentioned before, Steiner tries to appeal to those of a non -religious persuasion. One way is  by describing itself as humanist. Whatever this word means to each of us, it is certainly not atheistic in it’s meaning to Steiner proponents.

In other words, Steiner tries to be all things to all men.

The whole article referred to is very interesting, and clears up for me some of the different ways people may be involved.

Personally I would say anyone who knows what anthroposophy really is and still takes part in any activities associated with it, should describe themselves as an anthroposophist; this would be a useful guide to anyone who tries to find out how far the beliefs will affect, say, the education of their child.


Any thoughts?

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