Faith Schools and Free Schools

The secular society newsletter this week carries a report on a survey on Faith Schools. It shows that

“Only a third of the adult population, irrespective of voting intention, approve of state funding for faith schools. Nearly half actively disapprove, and the rest say they ‘don’t know’.”

Here is the article

This is as we would expect in a society which is emerging into a time where reason and science take precedence over superstition.

Anyone examining in detail the way Steiner schools operate will have realised that belief in the supernatural is at their core. In so many ways, a specific spiritual world is central to what they do with children. Once you know this, they seem no different from the other faith groups applying to open schools.

An article by Zoe Williams in the Guardian on Thursday highlighted the way Faith Schools are being given the go ahead via the Academy and Free School route, despite the fact that only around 8% of the population are religious.

As the author says in the comments, each time a faith school opens, we “… are closing down opportunities to educate … kids in a secular way, just by appropriating the money.”

One of “My Reasons”,  above, for objecting to the local Free School bid, is that a Steiner Free School will limit choice.

It is difficult to imagine any other large faith school gathering enough support in a town the size of Stroud.



  1. Chris

    The problem here is that Steiner beliefs successfully masquerade as Christian, so they appear as just another minor Christian sect – that is what I thought The Christian Community was, and I suspect most people accept them on that level and hence they get approval becuse of what they are not. Not telling the whole story is a classic ploy that they use, and rather unfortunately there is scripture which suggests that Jesus told his followers to do something similar. Tell people about, for example, the two Jesuses belief and they will just assume you are inventing to discredit rather than that you telling the whole truth rather than the partial truth.

    • Helen

      Yes, the Christian Community is nothing if not anthroposophical, with its belief in reincarnation and “The Christ Jesus”.
      The headquarters is in Berlin, and they are led by “oberlenkers”. The communion sacramental wine is apparently biodynamic fruit juice.

  2. Helen

    Steiner schools always claim that they respect everyone’s right to their own beliefs, and do not teach a specific religion.
    This is whilst they are surreptitiously sneaking anthroposophy into every aspect of school life, whether it is the “morning verse” (a prayer), eurythmy, the kind or artwork produced, the geometry in maths lessons,or the festivals.
    The Montessori teacher in my “Not like Montessori” post saw straight through the “no religion” claim, as will anyone who investigates to any degree.
    The “reverence” mentioned on Steiner websites is not there for nothing. Otherwise the correct word would be “respect”.

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