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stroudskeptic asks for your comments and links;

This is a space for people to post stuff on Steiner and Anthroposphy that they come across on the web, and they think might be useful information or helpful for others to understand a bit more about the subject. Please feel free to “comment on the comments”, but bear in mind any stuff on this post is not what this site is saying or describing, it is straight off the internet – this site is just pointing to it.



  1. Helen

    Well, here’s one to start with, someone sent me this earlier. It is shocking how the same problems with Steiner education keep cropping up time after time all around the world.
    For anyone in any doubt about the way anthroposophy is used in schools, this report from explains in detail.
    Jarna is in Stockholm, and is the centre of the anthroposophical movement in Sweden. It may not be long before Stroud gains similar notoriety – another twinning opportunity, perhaps?

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