Habits of the anthroposophists

The Influence  of anthroposophy

I have been reading some more of Gregoire Perra’s accounts, which, as recent testimony, are a valuable source of information for anyone wanting to learn from an insider about Steiner education and anthroposophy.

As I have already said, some of his accounts tie in with what I have observed from my own experience, and some with other accounts from all over the world. In this description, however, he lists some of the lesser known aspects of anthroposophy which I am pretty sure are unknown to anyone outside the culture – and  probably to many of those on the fringes. They are all adhered to for spiritual reasons, and are important to those devoted to Steiner.

Here they are in English ;

Cremation for some, burial necessary for others- according to certain personality traits.

No underarm shaving.

Only certain colour clothing.

Avoid eating potato starch as it could make you materialistic.( !!)

Rules about how long to leave herbal tea to infuse before evil spirits enter it.

As little sport as possible – the body should be at rest ( I don’t think Rudolf was a sporty type).

Left –handers should be made right-handed.

Snuff out candles not blow, so as not to annoy the fire spirit who lives within.

Relationships with non anthros are left over from a previous incarnation and will die out, but those with other anthros will continue to the future.

Washing removes etheric forces, so only shower once a week .

The German  language is used as much as possible –steiner would repeat in German what he had said in a different language.

A  fascination with hexagons, triangles, the circle, pentagram, and images used in the parables of the Gospels, the Apocalypse or in other cosmologies, in common with Steiner.

Must say grace (steiner) before food – even in a restaurant !

To finish he says that what is the most terrifying is the way anthroposophy somehow manages to impose on the follower a different personality to his own – a mask which covers his true personality. This new person is incapable of asking even the most basic questions, becomes very rigid in her behaviour and ceases to function in some areas.

These are characteristics of dedicated anthroposophists, not those on the fringes, but we should not forget who are the most powerful people in Steiner schools.

As Mr Perra says, “Parents should reflect on whether they want their children to be influenced in this way.”



  1. Helen

    I had a message asking why I want to hurt people.
    Once again, to explain,I do not want to hurt people. What I want to do is STOP people getting hurt. I think parents deserve honesty from the people who are trying to set up the new school.
    Simply by telling the truth, they could save a lot of families from unnecessary trauma caused by not knowing enough about what they have signed up for.
    If you don’t tell them, I will, in my own way.

  2. Jim

    This argument about hurting people is a curious one – you also hear it from Christians and other religionists when their beliefs are challenged. But I, and I’m sure you, don’t challenge those who aren’t pushing those beliefs on others. And I doubt that those are the people who go looking on the web for critical comment. So I suspect those claiming to be hurt are adopting a passive/aggressive posture and attempting to stifle criticism. It is rather like those Israel supporters who interpret every criticism is Israel’s actions as anti Semitic.

    I have tried herbal tea – believe me, the evil spirits are in there from the start!

    • Helen

      It could be as you say, they are claiming to be hurt in order to stifle criticism, and as most people do not want to hurt the feelings of others, and this can be an effective strategy.
      I also do think that challenging religion has been seen as bad manners for so long, that followers have become very accustomed to lofty status as believers. With the rise to prominence of Hitchens and Dawkins and others this status has diminished and some are finding that fact difficult to deal with.
      With Steiner specifically, criticism has been isolated and therefore less prominent up until recently, but as the internet has allowed better communication worldwide, the joined up chorus has become much more effective, and Steiner followers are also discovering, some for the first time, that they have to defend their practices.
      Very profound for a Saturday afternoon, don’t you think?!

  3. Helen

    Actually, I don’t remember herbal tea being that popular – Barleycup was the favourite. I think several cups have been spilled this morning…

  4. gperra

    J’ai oublié de préciser que les anthroposophes ont aussi pour principe de ne jamais se teindre les cheveux, d’où le fait que les femmes anthroposophes d’un certain âge ont souvent rapidement l’air de petites vieilles…

  5. eyesbeingopened

    The armpit thing and the one shower a week thing – do you think that is widespread? It certainly explains a lot about some of the people that used to go to the group I attended! Not meaning to sound catty, but it was a bit anti-social having to open the windows in the middle of winter. I have been known to sport a hairy pit myself though so no judgement on that count

  6. Helen

    You would think they would take the hint from people opening the windows in winter!
    I wouldn’t like to say if it is widespread or not. It depends how much value the individuals put on those etheric forces, maybe.

  7. Frank

    I’ve always been a Humanist supporter and a great supporter of anthroposophy. (I’ve taught in Waldorf schools for 20 years). We ‘anthroposophists’ always have a good laugh about these kind of comments, and often tease each other about them. Much of these silly soundbites are taken out of context, meant metaphorically (a concept that both religious fundamentalists and rationalists like the humanists alike seem not to be able to grasp) or are just plain bonkers. Anyway, I must go because I’ve left my tea bag in the cup! Lighten up, we’re just harmless nutters – or maybe I’ve missed something over all these years. Perhaps I should learn German.

    • Helen

      Hi Frank.
      Would that be the anthropsophical version of “humanist” or the BHA “there is no God, science over religion” kind of Humanist?
      Here is a quiz in case you are not sure; https://humanism.org.uk/humanism/are-you-a-humanist/ . Maybe you have answered the questions already.
      To me the two kinds are mutually exclusive.
      We can agree on something – the list above is “just plain bonkers”. I wonder if the anthroposophists you work with secretly practice some of them. I don’t think Mr Perra agrees they are meant metaphorically.
      We will have to disagree about “harmless”, I am afraid.

  8. thegirlinthefireplace82

    I might be a bit late to the discussion here, but I only just found your blog, so I figured I would comment any way :) I worked in an Anthropsophical Health Care Organisation for 7 years, as well as knowing many people who sent their kids to Steiner schools, and i am sorry to confirm that a lot of whats written in your post above is true (Not sure about the shower once a week thing tho, most of the dedicated Anthros I worked with used a hell of a lot of weleda products!) Sport was ok, as long as it was not competitive. The potato thing always made me laugh, I was told that potatoes clogged up the brain and cuased you to become materialistic!.I myself do not follow Anthroposophy, i’m a Humanist. Before working for the organisation I would of said “live and let live”, but not anymore, certainly not when it involved schools or social care.Great website by the way, Keep up the good work, and let me know if you ever need any insights into Anthro Social care, I’m always happy to help :)

    • Helen

      Thanks, great to have your perspective on this. As you say, some aspects appear harmless, but it all adds up to a massive deception for those stumbling in to education or Camphill with no knowledge of the underlying Anthroposophy.
      The potato prejudice just illustrates the folly of treating a so-called clairvoyant’s ideas with reverence – how ridiculous does it all have to get before the whole lot is tossed out?

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