Disponible sur Youtube : Endoctrinement et dissimulation dans les écoles Steiner-Waldorf : une synthèse.

A chance to watch and listen to Gregoire Perra talking about Steiner schools and Anthroposophy from his viewpoint as a former student and teacher, and as a former member of the high echelons of Anthroposophy in France.

A trial which ended in the Spring found that Mr Perra had written about these subjects after a long period of reflection, and not out of any bitterness towards the Steiner organisations he had been associated with.

He had, he said, never been totally immersed in anthroposophy, despite  his many years of involvement, and decided to speak out and make public aspects of the schools and the movement as a whole that are unknown to most people.

La Vérité sur les écoles Steiner-Waldorf

Pour visionner la vidéo, cliquer ici.

Capture du 2013-10-13 08:03:49

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