Hang a sign on the door…

There is now an opportunity to see some work by a child at a Steiner school in America. It has been photographed and uploaded by a parent who wants to show that anthroposophy IS taught in Steiner schools.

“We do not teach anthroposophy” is the continual refrain.

Well, here is the proof that children are copying drawings and phrases and absorbing ideas which are wholly anthroposophical.

At first glance the work appears singular and religious, and it is only when people know a little about anthroposophy that it is possible to identify the specific origins of the ideas.

The idea of coming from heaven and the illustration of the butterfly are part of lessons on reincarnation.

The sylphs salamanders, gnomes and undines are spiritual beings in anthroposophy. A parent might look at this in a child’s book and think they have copied some bizarre fairy story – in fact Steiner wrote perfectly seriously about these beings, and the children are expected to take them seriously too.

He wrote about them in “The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man

In particular on salamanders; “Salamanders are cut off from animal group souls. They are ego-like.”

And “Undines are laggard beings of earlier stages of evolution”.

In a detailed description of how anthroposophy infuses schooling this mother says;

“They need to hang a sign up at the door declaring that they [Waldorf Steiner] are Anthroposophical mystery schools, Spiritual Science schools, magical lodges for juniors or something that is easily understood.”

She also writes about bullying and the use of “curative eurythmy” as a way to treat the victim of bullying!

Looking at this work by children induces a feeling of revulsion; not only are Steiner disciples feeding this nonsensical material to the children, who, as the mother mentioned above says “… are not able to make these major life decisions for themselves (whether to join a new religious movement)”, but as part of the process, they work to make sure the children think they are the fortunate ones in receiving this “unique” education. (See Seduction).

One mother wrote about a child who left Waldorf and still had nightmares about Steiner gnomes much later. Gnomes are sometimes presented in a semi-humourous manner to parents, but to the children they are to be feared. They are not benign, just the opposite, and they can only be seen by those who have reached a certain stage of spiritual development, according to Steiner.

When I see children’s drawings of  “gnomes mining” copied as part of a so-called child-centred, creative education, I cannot help feeling the level of cynicism required by teachers in Steiner schools really does preclude the idea that this is a harmless cult, populated with well-meaning old ladies striving to “honour” childhood. It is an exercise in indoctrination carried out deviously and with fiendish purpose.



  1. Jim

    I suppose we should be grateful the picture on the right at least contains some recognisable figures, and even a straight line or two, rather than the usual wash of colour. I wonder if the guilty child was drummed out of class. Or worse – prescribed some corrective eurythmy!

  2. Helen

    Ha ha !
    I think gnome pictures must have special exemption from certain rules. They may even have faces, unlike many representations of figures and dolls.

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