Reasons for Leaving

Here is a damning posting on a forum from a parent about why they left Steiner education. Most of the reasons have already been mentioned here and elsewhere, but it is further proof of just how universal the problems are.

The writer explains how they have both good and bad memories, but ultimately had to leave. It is the second post on the page.

…speaking for myself and myself only.. here is what made us leave: was the hypocrisy.
2.It was the “my way or the highway” approach to conflict resolution.
3.It was the pretty organic frosting outside and the rock hard cold inside.
4.It was the consistent inabilty to RUN and manage a school.
5.It was the trial by fire teaching and unsupportive collegues, teachers with more experience not willing to mentor, but instead criticising and sabotaging eachother.
6.It was the teachers inability to take any feedback, without then somehow turning on the kids.
7.It was the rhythm and the reality that the only real rhythm is the lack of any.
8.It was the money grubbing atmosphere, and the constant reminders of how little the teachers make.
9. It was the school with no grass, no cafeteria, no auditorium, no office, no sports teams, not an ounce of extra curricular at $12,000 a pop!
10.It was the pervasive unhappy atmosphere, the mistrust and the paranoid faculty.
11. It was the lies, the many many lies.
12. It was the vilification of public and any other form of education that goes on, preying on the fears of young parents, and capitalizing on our protective parenting . Where, instead of cultivating confidence and honesty, reassuring parents that they are in fact doing a good job, they constantly, in their own little ways, are pointing our how poorly we do our job, and in fact how lucky we are to have found them! Therefore, parents start to fear that every choice they make is not “Waldorf” enough, they feel the need to explain decisions and choices they make in their own homes. They take the weak and make them weaker and more dependant, not strong and independant.
13. It is the fact that everytime a family leaves for WHATEVER reason, they NEVER think it is their fault. They see it all as OUR loss, our BIG mistake, there is absolutely no accountability, NONE, period.



  1. Helen

    On the point about parents fearing that every choice they make is not “Waldorf enough”, one of the other posters on that forum mentioned long discussions on whether a bright hat with a logo was allowed to be worn to keep the sun off at playtime, because it wasn’t in the usual Waldorf style.
    Some comments in the above mentioned forum are supportive of Waldorf Steiner.

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