Note from an anti-vaxer

Vaccination is a hot topic in the USA – the post on religious exemptions contains a list for each of the the States.
Anti-vaccination is common in Steiner schools (Karmic reasons) see post on Anthroposophical Medicine in the archive for early September.(Helen)

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Krista sent the following comment on my post “Religious exemptions from children’s healthcare. Part 1: preventive and diagnostic procedures.” I reproduce her comment as a full post, and will email her (if it is indeed a her), noting that I’ve posted the comment.  It is posted exactly as I received it.

You may reply, if you wish, but please be polite, even though the letter is confrontational. We can be more Christian than the Christians (yes, I know I’ll take flak for saying that!). You also realize that whatever you say will probably be futile, but if you’re rude the futility will increase.

To wit:

The bible teaches that we shall keep the blood pure and keep the seed from being mixed.
when genetic materials from bacteria, viruses, yeast, animals birds, and other humans (aborted fetal cells) are injected during vaccination, the blood gets contaminated!
I have…

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One comment

  1. Helen

    There are interesting comments now on the post.
    Steiner School parents sometimes cite reasons other than karma for being anti-vaccination, and there are very good answers to those.

Any thoughts?

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