Important for new readers

I have a feeling it is important just now to point new readers in the direction of this piece of writing by Gregoire Perra.

Anyone wondering why Steiner schools are unwanted by some people in this community should read it.

An English translation;

Mr Perra successfully defended himself earlier this year in a case brought against him by the French Steiner Waldorf Federation, who did not want his writing to be published.



  1. SCR

    Hi Helen, I’m not a new reader- have been lurking. Thank you for writing this blog; having had first hand experience ourselves, your perceptions reflect exactly what we experienced: deception, secrecy, bullying, cultish behaviour, distrust of outsiders, indoctrination, physical punishments of children, abysmal teaching, dire health and safety, etc etc. It never ceases to amaze me that Steiner schools have managed to deceive people about anthroposophy for so long.

    • Helen

      Thank you – comments like yours will help to stop this deception continuing, and I hope result in the Steiner movement coming under much more scrutiny than it has thus far undergone.

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