Biodynamie et Anthroposophie


Explaining how biodynamic farming is used as Steiner propaganda, often with young people, making them susceptible to mystical, magical, religious ideas, and introducing the doctrines of anthroposophy in a subtle manner.
Often the participants are not aware of what they are getting into, since biodynamics is just presented as organic, observing the seasons and non-use of pesticides. The occult aspects such as killing and burning certain animals and spreading their ashes on the soil at night to keep vermin at bay, the astrology and the incantations and meditations performed to contact the animal soul groups to ask for their invisble co-operation are kept quiet.
Pointing out that the work experience of so-called apprentices on biodynamic farms is simply free labour. The results may be good or not, but even so, Mr Perra no longer wants to eat this kind of bread.
I am with him on this!

La Vérité sur les écoles Steiner-Waldorf

Dernièrement, certains médias se sont fait largement échos du procès d’Emmanuel Giboulot, un agriculteur biodynamiste qui risquerait la prison pour avoir refusé de répandre certains pesticides dans ses champs. Cet homme devient ainsi une sorte de héros de la cause biologique et de l’agriculture alternative. Le site du Cercle Laïque pour la Prévention du Sectarisme s’est fait écho de cette affaire et je ne peux que renvoyer à son remarquable article pour de plus amples informations. Mais au delà de ce cas particulier, il me semble que se pose la question de la vraie nature de la Biodynamie et de ses liens avec l’Anthroposophie.

Quels sont ces liens ? S’agit-il seulement d’une référence à la doctrine de Rudolf Steiner ? Je voudrais ici tenter de répondre à ces questions en m’appuyant sur mon vécu d’ancien anthroposophe et d’ancien élève Steiner-Waldorf.

Quand les anthroposophes parlent au public et aux médias de…

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  1. Helen

    We are surrounded by biodynamic agriculture here – around 50 acres of it in use by Stroud Community agriculture, not to mention the Ruskin Mill shenanigans.
    I used to be convinced by the organic food idea myself, buying certain organic products because less pesticides were used, but have since read it is not all it is cracked up to be, and that as an environmental movement it is not terribly effective.
    Biodynamics is much more than organics, however,as this article explains very well.

  2. Jim

    Food fads in religions/cults go back a long way and have nothing to do with practical considerations – it is just something to mark out the adherents as different. I certainly don’t seek out organic food. Sometimes organic vegetables are better but that is because they are better varieties allowed to grow until ripe rather than being picked for their storage and transportability qualities.
    There have been reports that the mineral content of meat and vegetables has reduced over the last 50 years or so but again that seems to be down more to the pursuit of fast growth and high yields than soil depletion. And anyway other reports suggest that the mineral content of food has remained stable.
    Incidentally if it were true that mineral content of food has reduced wouldn’t that be a good thing on the homeopathic principle that the more dilute the greater the effect?

  3. Helen

    I take it you refer to minerals as in nutrients. I don’t know, but I have always regarded claims of organic foods being more nutritious or tasting better as false, it was simply the idea of less pesticides that drew me.
    There is quite a bit on this over at skepteco’s blog and the idea of organic growing being more environmentally friendly is called in to question when all the other aspects of it are counted in.
    I have to say that whenever I have tried the food in a Steiner school, it has always been delicious, and I know someone who used to cook in a Steiner kitchen – she is the best cook I know, and no longer uses biodynamic produce, so I think it’s down to the skill of the cook and the recipes not the biodynamic nonsense.

Any thoughts?

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