A Divisive Measure

The proposed new Steiner free school features in the local press again this week; there are reports on the visit of Tristram Hunt to a secondary school in Stroud last Thursday, and on his criticism of  plans for the new school in the town.

In the Stroud News and Journal today there is an interesting column called “Stroud News Comment” where an opinion is given on the proposed school.

The column is firmly against the school, and the main reason given is the effect the school may have on existing schools in the area; “Why on earth would we want another school? We certainly don’t need one”.

However, this is not the only objection made, and a most interesting aspect of the column for me is the remark that “…even if there is an unexpected surge in the population, building such a niche establishment is not valid”.

The point is made that such a school is “…only likely to appeal to the select few”, and also that it would be a divisive measure.

Needless to say I agree with all these well-made points.

Far from providing choice for local people, a Steiner free school would simply draw those in search of free anthroposophically-based education, and reduce the available funding for our other schools and for everyone who would not touch Steiner with a barge -pole.


Any thoughts?

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