Novalis (2) or Lucifer’s Influence

The continuing saga at Box village where the Steiner organisation Novalis are still trying to gain retrospective planning for the change of use of three cottages near the Cotswold Chine school, Box Woods, and the Halfway House, all of which they own, reached National TV on Tuesday in the BBC programme “Permission Impossible”.

As things stand at present the application has been refused and Novalis have appealed. There will be a hearing in May, but not a public enquiry.

Although the cottages will still be in use for residential purposes, the fact that staff have been on site on a rota basis, not as permanent residents themselves, means that the permission required is different from that already in place.

The problems experienced by villagers as a result of the expanding presence of the Steiner school and all its accompanying property are detailed in the village newsletter.[now removed from view.]

There has been coverage in the local media over the years since 2008 when Novalis closed the village pub after spending a great deal of money from charitable funds on doing it up.

The fact that Novalis is one of the many anthroposophical (Steiner) organisations operating in this area does not usually come up in the media, but it is a relevant fact, for the anthroposophical movement is a huge global concern.
The headquarters is the Goetheanum in Switzerland from where the tentacles of Steiner continue to spread around the world; schools, colleges, banks, food, agriculture and cosmetics, publishers, medical centres, and care homes all part of the “spiritual science” imagined up by Rudolf Steiner.
As such, the many individual “charities” are backed by the anthroposophical movement which seems to have access to large financial resources. They are known for spending out on lawsuits.

Central to Steiner’s “spiritual science” are the two so – called demons, Lucifer and Ahriman.

“The spiritual Basis of Steiner Education” by Roy Wilkinson explains the opposing forces of the so-called demons, we are told;

“Today there are many manifestations of Luciferic influence. Initiative overdone becomes mania, enthusiasm becomes fanaticism, freedom for self means oppressing others…”

In this instance it seems Novalis has succumbed to the influence of its own demon Lucifer, continuing  the expansion of their organisation at the expense of peace for local people; the residents of Box feel oppressed.



  1. Helen

    “Seeking peace in Box” is the title of the article in the newsletter I linked to, where the writer describes disturbances caused by anti-social behaviour and noted that “no adult appeared to be controlling this”.
    The villagers may or may not be aware that one of the central tenets of anthroposophy is reincarnation and karma. Those who put this idea in to practice when working “therapeutically” with young people or vulnerable adults, consider that their behaviour and the situations they find themselves in are the result of actions in previous lives, and will influence future “incarnations”.
    Consequently it is considered inappropriate to interfere.
    Yes, I know, it sounds like I’m making this up. Check it out though, it’s true.

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