BBC Report on Steiner Schools

For anyone who hasn’t seen this short 10 minute documentary on state-funded Steiner schools, here is the link.

Trevor Mepham the head of the Frome school seemed reluctant to acknowledge that anthroposophy is the foundation of his school, (we have to ask ourselves why) but he did admit to being “open to the possibility” of reincarnation. The fact that reincarnation is used in teacher training and is part of the ethos is touched on, as is the racist idea which is at the heart of anthroposophy; Steiner’s teaching that white people are the most spiritually developed.



  1. 'sune

    For some reason, Andy since some time has deleted/censored all comments after the film, including the link from one of the top comments to “the Bee” that unmasks the central untrue made up blackening story told by Mr. Boxall in the film, that BBC since its first broadcast also has republished at its site.

    • Helen

      I have allowed this comment but taken out links to a rather unpleasant website which attacks individuals personally.

  2. Jim

    Presumably the “blackening story” referred to is the reference to Steiner’s racial theories – so where is the evidence that this is made up? Although it would be too simplistic and going too far to equate these with the Nazis there is certainly a continuity of thought, shared with many others at the time and later. It is all too common for those who wouldn’t dream of getting their hands dirty to provide spurious intellectual justification for the violence of others.

    Actually there were so many issues the programme could have picked up but realistically in a short slot the makers have to focus on just a couple of points.

  3. Helen

    Peter Staudenmaier is one of the few – possibly the only? – non-anthroposophists to translate some of Steiner’s work and write about it in the context of German and Italian politics of the early 20th century. Needless to say his dissertation on the subject is not viewed with approval by anthroposophists and they are continually looking for ways to discredit his findings on occultism and Fascism.
    Staudenmaier wrote about how unorthodox ideas about race led to “spiritual racism”, and the way some anthroposophists were involved with and influenced Fascist racial policy.
    A summary is available here

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