Today’s comments and a request.

Just for information, there is a glitch in WordPress today and comments are not appearing on the sidebar list.

There are a couple of new comments on 2 pages; “Anthroposophy” and “Why

Also I would like to invite suggestions from readers on questions for a visitor to a Steiner school to ask, in order to get an accurate idea of what goes on these schools.

We all know the schools look beautiful – and of course any brand new school building will look attractive to parents, but how do you find out what really goes on behind the closed doors?

Visiting dignitaries (and parents) will be impressed by the food, the colourful artwork, perhaps the style of furnishings and the handcrafts.

If they are allowed to visit on a normal working day (which is unusual) will they see childrens’ workbooks with pictures of butterflies and poems about reincarnation? Will they hear a morning verse to a sun god? Will they see evolution taught as “just a theory”, and creation myths taught as equally plausible? Or will all these things be kept hidden?

Whatever a visiting MP sees in a Steiner Academy or Free School, he should be armed with some insightful questions, and I would be interested to hear from anyone who wishes to submit a question for a list I am compiling.





  1. MarkH

    You might have seen the checklist of questions at Open Waldorf:

    Here’s one that cuts to the core of my own objections to Steiner education. The DfE guidance for Free School applicants indicates that Steiner schools in particular should “demonstrate how you have engaged actively with parents not previously familiar with your chosen curriculum model in establishing demand for your school.” The question is: “what measures have you taken to ensure that prospective parents are fully informed as to how Anthroposophy informs the curriculum and teaching methods of the school?”

  2. mah74

    Or putting the question slightly differently: “You say on the school website that Anthroposophy is the basis for the practice of Steiner education, but that you don’t promote it. How does this square with the DfE guidance on engaging with prospective parents previously unfamiliar with the Steiner curriculum model?”

  3. Helen

    Good point.
    The free school group here have recently been running some talks about some aspects of the curriculum, but I notice this was started after they had collected their list of signatures for the application, not before.

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