Tipputs Inn – the latest

Today the Save Tipputs group have posted a review of a public meeting which was held last week at very short notice. Presumably this was the promised opportunity for local residents to make their feelings known to Ruskin Mill about the possible purchase and closure of the pub by the college.

It happened so quickly I missed the announcement as I was away for a few days – I guess many other people may have missed it too.

The key points are listed in the review, and it is clear that there is considerable opposition to any further expansion of the college from local residents, who feel they have already been tolerant of what goes on at Ruskin mill, and that, as one commenter put it “enough is enough”.

Well I think the same could be said of Steiner generally in this area, and in the UK generally. It is simply mystifying to consider the complete indifference shown by Steiner groups to the communities they live near. There appears to be contempt for those outside their own spiritual world, and a lack of understanding about how their cavalier actions might be perceived.

Planning permission sought only after buildings appear, and an apparent ignorance about regulations – are these the actions of an organisation which can be trusted with the care of vulnerable young people?  How is it that this kind of incompetence is tolerated in a charitable organisation with access to public money?

Ruskin Mill don’t seem to care that their antics are damaging the reputation of Steiner even more at a time when they are under the spotlight here in Stroud and Nailsworth. They are too wrapped up in their quest for spiritual knowledge – the mundane matters of planning and managerial competence are relegated to the bottom of the organic compost heap.




Any thoughts?

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