No suitable candidates

Bristol Steiner Academy (due to open in September) has decided not to appoint a vice-principal for the time being.

The school business manager Joe Evans said that the school has devised a way to manage without appointing someone to this role until the second academic year.

When asked about the interviews for the position of vice-principal which took place recently Mr Evans confirmed they had interviewed a number of candidates but although these were all good teachers, none had sufficient managerial experience.

The school advertised for a vice-principal because the principal designate is on maternity leave.


One comment

  1. Helen

    At the end of our conversation Mr Evans asked if I knew someone who might be interested in the post; I couldn’t help him.
    It is not surprising to me that there is a shortage of suitable candidates to run Steiner free schools. Principals do not seem to stay long in post before they go off to start up another school, and this can’t go on without enough teachers with experience of Steiner education and the right qualities for leadership following along behind.
    By the time any more Steiner schools look for staff the pool will be even smaller.

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