Les prisonniers de l’Anthroposophie


Prisoners of anthroposophy
Gregoire Perra writes about the way adherents to anthroposophy are trapped within their belief system; The outside world is portrayed as wicked and degenerate. Even such simple pleasures as going to the theatre or cinema, listening to music or going to a dance are viewed as decadent, and frowned upon within the movement. The result is an alienation from the world outside the Steiner environment where they live or work.

La Vérité sur les écoles Steiner-Waldorf

Devant ce qui se présente comme une nouvelle religion et une manière très spécifique de vivre – l’Anthroposophie – on pourrait être tenté de penser que chacun fait ce qu’il veut de sa vie, que chacun à le droit de croire à ce qui lui plait, du moment que la personne est satisfaite du système de pensée auquel elle adhère, et heureuse de la vie qu’elle mène. Certes, le reproche de tromper les autres hommes perdurerait, puisque le propre de cette dérive sectaire est de toujours se présenter masquée, ce qui la distingue d’une religion proprement dite. Mais du moment que la personne a pu effectuer librement son choix d’adhérer à l’Anthoposophie et semble y trouver son compte, que peut-on lui reprocher ? Un adulte n’a-t-il pas le droit de s’aliéner lui-même ? N’est-il pas responsable de ses propres choix ?

Et pourtant, la réponse à cette question, d’un point…

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  1. Helen

    He describes how Steiner school teachers would come to him, as a teacher with experience in mainstream schools, to find out about how things were done. Sometimes for advice, sometimes just with a sense of fascination verging on awe, even when in his view the information was not of great interest or importance.
    Some of the teachers had grown up in anthroposophical families where nothing outside anthroposophy had been considered of any value, and there was considerable fear at the thought of stepping outside the Steiner world to find out about the real world.
    He gives several examples including a man who was suddenly exposed to the company of non-anthroposophists when he spent time in hospital, and afterwards vowed to develop his social life with people outside the movement. Sadly he did not live to do this.
    Another result of being trapped inside the cult of anthroposophy is the reliance on Anthroposophical medicine. (Weleda remedies and the kind of treatments used at St Lukes medical centre) Sometimes a more serious illness or condition will cause panic when it becomes clear that the remedies are not helping.
    He also mentions an old friend who once confided that until the age of 16 he had thought that everyone believed in reincarnation. Sadly this did not stop his friend from testifying against him at his trial.
    Gregoire Perra says he writes partly for all these people who are imprisoned within anthroposophy, but he knows that his words will not reach into their minds, as the Steiner movement has done its best to prevent this damage being done.

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