Stop funding creationism in schools.

The British Humanist Association (BHA) is asking for support for a campaign they are running to tell the UK government to stop funding creationist schools.

There is a scheme in place to provide 15 hours free nursery provision for two to four year olds, and the BHA has found that through this scheme 84 private creationist schools (including Steiner) along with “a number of allegedly extremist groups” are receiving state funding.

This number has risen from 64 in March when the BHA initially gathered information and the fact that funding is allocated without strings means that schools are free to use the money as they see fit.

The BHA have previously expressed concern about the nature of Steiner education, in particular the teaching of pseudoscience, the use of homeopathy and their stance on vaccination.

They say that although the government is consulting on the advice which should be given to Local Authorities when allocating funding there is no plan to withdraw funding from these schools.

The government has encouraged the BHA to respond to “tell it that funding should cease”, and anyone concerned about this matter is advised on the BHA website to write to (or e-mail) our MP on the subject and respond to the consultation..




One comment

  1. Helen

    As part of their response to the consultation the BHA include the following;
    “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says that ‘States Parties shall [contribute] to the elimination of ignorance and illiteracy throughout the world and [facilitate] access to scientific and technical knowledge’.”
    How very apt in the area of Steiner criticism.

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