Infanticide belge : la pédagogie Steiner-Waldorf et l’Anthroposophie peuvent-elles être mises en cause ?


After a recent case in Belgium where a mother drowned her children claiming financial troubles, Gregoire Perra wonders how much bearing the mother’s attachment to Steiner Waldorf may have had on her actions.
There is no proof of this, merely the emerging fact that she wanted to continue to educate her four children in this way and realised the family could not afford it.
He writes about the way parents who send their children to Steiner schools can quickly buy into the belief system to such an extent that they consider the prospect of any other type of school to be unimaginable, and that their children would be damaged by the experience of leaving Steiner without having gone through to the end. This is of course the myth spread around Steiner schools, where anything else is said to be inferior. It is a kind of religion and indeed parents come to believe that their child can only be “saved” by Steiner education.
He says after his experiences he can imagine the extreme situation where someone could believe the death of a child to be preferable to the necessity of attending a mainstream school.

La Vérité sur les écoles Steiner-Waldorf

La récente affaire de l’infanticide accompli par Florence Soille s’est vue dernièrement accompagnée d’une question, depuis la découverte des liens étroits que la mère entretenait avec la pédagogie Steiner-Waldorf.


Dans certains médias, comme Paris-Match, on s’interroge à présent au sujet de l’incidence que ces liens auraient pu avoir sur l’acte tragique qui s’est déroulé à Jambes. De notre place, il ne saurait être question de statuer sur une question concernant une affaire judiciaire en cours. Nous ne sommes ni juge ni enquêteur et ne souhaitons donc pas nous prononcer sur le lien de causalité qui pourrait éventuellement se révéler entre la forte adhésion de Florence Soille à la pédagogie Steiner-Wadorf et l’acte fatidique qu’elle a accompli.


En revanche, il nous est possible d’évoquer, pour l’avoir bien connu de l’intérieur, le contexte d’attachement excessif de certains parents à la pédagogie Steiner-Waldorf, qui peut parfois conduire à épouser des convictions…

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  1. Helen

    Having known parents who regard any other type of education as unacceptable and not good enough for their child, and who are willing to endure extreme hardship and debt to pay for a Steiner school, Gregoire Perra writes that it is not hard to believe a parent would sacrifice everything rather than subject her children to another type of school.
    So what is it he thinks makes parents behave in this way? It is not, he says, simply a case of preferring one type of education method over another; it is deeper than that. It is to do with the fact that the Steiner method is essentially a way of working to develop a child’s spiritual well-being. This was said by Rudolf Steiner himself;
    He quotes a passage from Steiner; “Today we must teach knowing that we are saving each child– we must lead each child to find the impulse of Christ in himself during his life, to enable him to be reborn”.
    This relates to the importance of reincarnation in Steiner education, as mentioned previously.

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