Great News …

…for Stroud !

In a press release this morning the Department for Education has stated that 38 free schools have been approved by Michael Gove, but the list does not include the Steiner school proposed for Stroud.

It seems we have been spared.







  1. Jim

    Yes it’s certainly good news, and not what we were expecting. But I think we should think of it as a battle won rather than a war. I don’t know how much information about the decision will be made public but unless the reasons for refusal are such as to make reapplication clearly pointless ( which I doubt ) we must expect them to try again. And there was a bit of a sting in the tail of the press release with the decision to have 3 application slots per year rather than just one. More of Gove’s scorched earth policy.

  2. mah74

    Hurrah! (For now…)

    I really do hope the DfE are forced to release the applications and decision letters for all Free School applications. There is a decision pending from another FOI tribunal which asked for these. I think that increased transparency on the decision making process would be helpful for all involved.

    • Kevin

      I have just read in breaking news(stroud news and journal) that the organizers of the school are absolutely ecstatic that the DOE have said there is a need for the school in the area and will just need to ‘tweek’ thier plan for resubmission in October.

  3. Jim

    We can’t tell if they are just putting a brave face on it or not. The press release made great play of the claim that free schools were being set up in areas where school places were in short supply. Believe that if you will but if that was the reason for rejecting the proposal then nothing will be different in October. Except perhaps the spotlight will be off extremist schools so they can get away with anything.

    So keep up the pressure.

  4. Helen

    I still don’t get why we can’t see the documents relating to the application – if public money is to be used why should this information be kept secret?

    • Nick Nakorn

      I agree; all applications for publicly funded schools should be open to all to scrutinize. It’s great news that it seems this time around permission has not been granted; I think Gove’s department must be reading your blog – excellent!

  5. Rain17

    Congrats, Helen and Stroud! Here’s looking forward to “we really, TRULY will not be teaching anthroposophy to the children…ever…”

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