Nicky Morgan

The National Secular Society’s (NSS) newsline today provides a little information about the new Education Secretary, and is not optimistic that things in the Department for Education are going to improve any time soon.

The NSS say Ms Morgan is a prominent Christian who describes herself as a “Christian active in politics”; she has said it is her duty to stop the “creeping secularisation of Britain”. She is described as a very strong supporter of more autonomy for schools who in 2010 voted against requiring academy schools to have a curriculum which includes personal, social and health education (including sex and relationships education).

In all likelihood Ms Morgan will not see anything amiss with Steiner education unless she takes the trouble to scratch the surface. The schools often paint themselves as Christian in ethos if they think this will help their image. They will play up the so-called Christian elements to those who are in favour of a religious education. They say they are non-denominational which can imply a vague kind of Christianity, but non-denominational as well as meaning no particular branch of Christianity, can also mean no particular religion (which is of course untrue; anthroposophy is a very particular creed).

Christianity is a useful smokescreen for Steiner; it masks a multitude of occult, esoteric, new age elements which together add up to one heck of a monstrous bunch of beliefs for a child to carry around for the rest of their life – not to mention the damage done en route by teachers following Steiner’s “indications” on everything from alternative evolutionary teachings to medieval temperaments and the way they see the significance of a child’s previous incarnation.

By the sound of things, Nicky Morgan may well be one of those religionists who believe that any kind of magical mystical spiritual nonsense is better than no superstition at all. I hope sufficient evidence for the total unsuitability of Steiner Education is put before her asap, and we can cordon off this damaging educational blind alley for children and their families.





  1. Nick Nakorn

    I find the idea that there is such a thing as ‘creeping secularism’ against which one could campaign extremely strange; it’s as if one talked about ‘creeping fairness’ or ‘creeping equality’. When will religious people realise that their freedom to practice religion is precisely because of secularism? Given Ms Morgan’s attitude, one wonders whether she has the intellectual interest to enable the improvement of the educations service for all children; it seems to me that her message is that the state should promote the idea that Christianity is better than other modes of belief including rationalism. Perhaps she would prefer a theocracy?

    • Helen

      Exactly – there is (wilful?) misunderstanding of the meaning of secularism. The NSS point out that she is also minister for women and equalities and voted against same-sex marriage. So much for equality.

      • Jim

        I was aware of the same sex marriage issue but hoped it might be just one blind spot. Ah well – still not Gove!
        Now what about IDS?

  2. Jim

    I see Nicky Morgan quoted in today’s Guardian as saying she will preserve Gove’s legacy and push ahead with the free schools programme. I suppose we’ll just have to hope they were political promises and mean the exact opposite of what they say. She should be here to bury Gove, not praise him.

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