Dr House Again

Dr Richard House has written to the Stroud News and Journal this time calling himself an “educational consultant”, and AGAIN failing to mention his time as Steiner class teacher, kindergarten teacher and anthroposophical publisher.

He responds to a letter from someone objecting to the Steiner free school proposal by saying “…it is perfectly logical to argue that while free schools are inadvisable in general, [remember he is a Green Party supporter] a new Steiner school would in practice bring many benefits to any area including this one”.

He has already said he agrees that free schools are undemocratic and unnecessary. Clearly the multitude of Steiner activities already existing here are not enough for him.

He says that mainstream schools are responsible for a good many of the “mental problems” children suffer from “with our de-professionalised teachers …and a curriculum that fails to nourish the all-round development of our children as future citizens”.

“De-professionalised” – as opposed to Steiner teachers who have never been professionally trained or qualified? This is the root of many problems in Steiner schools in my opinion – the use of karma and other spiritually based notions to run a school is highly unprofessional and can lead to shockingly cruel and misguided decisions on the treatment of children. Steiner schools employ some of the worst teachers ever to enter a classroom. All they are trained in is anthroposophy.

Considering the extremely small number of Steiner educated children in our country until now, it is a wonder we still function as a civilised society at all according to this anthroposophist. He doesn’t seem to have grasped that in repeatedly criticising mainstream education in such a way he is insulting anyone who hasn’t been to a Steiner school.

It is a typical view from the movement, where the myth of Steiner superiority is promulgated, and anything else is deemed unfit for purpose. They have been doing this so long now it is second nature. Local people reading this letter will see it as confirmation of the opinion I have heard repeated often; that Steiner students are too big for their boots and have a severe attitude problem which endears them to no-one outside their own rarefied community.

Few people in this town will want their child to emerge from education with views similar to Dr House; so for this and many other reasons, no thanks, we can do without your version of education, we will be better off without it.



  1. Helen

    I think Stroud must be advertised somewhere as a retirement home for anthroposophists. We get them all, plus imported ones from Switzerland. What’s wrong with some spa town in the Alps – they can take the water and breathe the mountain air without upsetting the local population.

  2. Jim

    Dr Houses technique seems to be speak out on an issue which enjoys widespread agreement, such as excessive testing or over rigid application of EYFS, and then leap to Steiner education as the answer thereby falsely implying the agreement applies to that also. So for example, Philip Pullman has supported his criticisms of early years education but I think it unlikely that the author of His Dark Materials would support a cult which has many of the characteristics of the church the books rail against.

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