Working in an alternate reality

Addendum Sept 23rd 2014

This was a re-blog from another blog , where there was a lot of valuable information about Camphill,

Sadly the blog has been deleted – I hope the writer has not been threatened by the Steiner movement – if so it would not be the first time, but it is scary for those on the receiving end. I have been threatened with legal action myself, and Gregoire Perra has been taken to court for criticising Steiner – but vindicated at last.

This is the way Steiner protects itself – by intimidation and threats.



  1. Pete Karaiskos

    What a wonderful and well-written blog. I’ve shared this on my facebook page. To “Thegirl” – just wanted to give a shout. My ex wife worked at Camphill in Aberdeen as an exchange student (decades ago). I’ve heard some very disturbing stories.

  2. Helen

    I can sympathise a little as I worked in a Steiner environment for a few weeks and found it totally bewildering. The staff deciding what children needed based on their facial features? The “verses” said each day? The long handshakes and the staring into your eyes? Now I know a lot more about the reasons but at the time I felt the same as this writer – an outsider with no clue what was going on. I didn’t stay long enough to find out and just shrugged it off deciding that particular place was odd.
    Uninitiates who work for Steiner usually either leave pdq or get sucked in, but this writer has gone through years of confusion and come out the other side to tell the tale – thank goodness.

  3. thegirlinthefireplace82

    Thanks for the re blog and the comments ☺ Many of the other staff who were not into Anthroposophy when they joined got slowly suckered in to it as the years went by. It all seems so lovely and harmless on the surface but the deeper you get the more unbelievable and potentially harmful it gets. We used to have young people come as volunteers for a year, and I was forever struggling to get them to really think about what they were being told, as it was all presented as fact rather than belief or opinion. One volunteers mother, upon hearing that the people with learning disabilities were judged on their facial features, told her daughter it sounded like something Hitler would of come up with and asked her daughter to leave. I did actually leave 3 times, but after a few months I always went back, my bond with the learning disabled clients too deep. I am so thankful to finally have got out of there, but it is so sad to see my old friends slowly getting deeper and deeper into the steiner regime.

    • Helen

      Yes, the abuse is not just of the children and families in Steiner schools and the clients at Camphill, it extends to the employees too. Previous commenters on the “Anthroposophy” page have remarked how hard it is to leave – partly because of emotional ties, but also because the way Steiner organisations operate does not impress future employers. A qualification in biodynamics for example is not highly thought of elsewhere. Also there is a reluctance to give up on a job, which could be seen as a personal failure, when in fact it is a colossal failure on the part of the Steiner movement to be honest about their beliefs.

  4. MarkHayes

    Hello, your blog post deserves to be very widely read. I hope it is and that you feel able to write more. I’ve long thought that Camphill institutions need more public scrutiny than has been the case so far, especially given the vulnerable people and the large sums of public money involved. (In the UK, they get more from the taxpayer overall than Steiner schools.)

    • we escaped!

      Completely and utterly agree markhayes. Thanks to Helen, the true facts are being highlighted. This information needs to be in the public domain and more people need to know the truth. I came across this blog because I needed answers to the unbelievable experience we were subjected to. My hope is that people read this before they take the plunge.

    • thegirlinthefireplace82

      There is also an article from the same magazine about Autism, which people may find of general interest if they want to know more about steiner.

      • thegirlinthefireplace82

        I shall see if I can locate any other copies of the magazine and have a look through to see what other articles I can find regarding education. The more evidence the better!

    • Jim

      The article linked to above reminds me of a game we used to play. You take a piece of writing, a poem or novel. You then invent a totally ludicrous interpretation of it – the farther from any reasonable view of the author’s intentions the better. You then have to justify that interpretation by selective quotation, dubious interpolation, speculation about character’s backstory and so on. The more absurd and yet strangely plausible the better.
      Quite entertaining as a student game but downright alarming as the foundation of an educational practice. But all the signs are there. The occasional accurate reference followed by the projection onto it of an invented world of astral and etheric bodies. The show of deep sympathy for the subject ( in this case human rather than literary ) whilst all the while regarding it as nothing more than the material on which the dogma is imposed.
      In retrospect the game seems less amusing.

      • Helen

        “The adolescent…gives birth to the astral body during puberty…” I bet you couldn’t have interpreted that one when you were a student…?

        • Jim

          When I think about astral bodies all I remember is the silly fantasies of Dennis Wheatley.
          As for what happened during puberty – best not to remember at all!

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