Win! Creation ‘science’ banned in UK state-funded nurseries

Steiner kindergartens have their own way of teaching creationism by presenting evolution as a “Victorian” and “reductionist” concept and by quietly introducing children to Steiner’s ideas on astrology, the development of humans through the races and the concepts of reincarnation and karma as fact.
Steiner teachers are trained in anthroposophy to make sure these ideas are reinforced.
This was a great campaign.

Leaving Fundamentalism

The headline of Friday’s Daily Telegraph screamed “Toddlers at risk from extremists“. The British Education Secretary has announced plans to ban teaching creationism is publicly-funded nurseries.

What it didn’t say is that, although the British Humanist Association (BHA) was the most prominent campaigner against creationism in nurseries, this was originally the subject of a letter-writing campaign by the readers of Leaving Fundamentalism. But I know you wrote the letters, so thank you.

We won.

Here’s a brief history of what has happened, and what it means. More importantly, an article in the TES last week may explain why ACE schools have been able to get away with so much.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 17.18.33

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