Mumsnet again

Another interesting discussion re Steiner schools on Mumsnet. Newest comment added on Sunday.

More reasons why we do not want a Steiner free school here!





  1. we escaped!

    I have just read the comments on mumsnet, how very awful. But, unfortunately not surprising.

    We have just returned from a family holiday in Tuscany. Our son made friends with 2 little boys, one from Austria and the other from The Netherlands. I got chatting to their parents and the subject of British schooling came up. I also asked them what the school system was like in their country. They all start school later at the age of 6, they also do the same school hours as steiner schools in year 1 (British yr 2) and they do not wear uniforms. Those 2 facts are the only things that are similar to a steiner school. Interestingly, I asked them about steiner schools in their country, they both told me that the school’s were cults and were weird! It was definitely not something they would consider for their children.

    Steiner love to boast that in European countries formal education starts later than in Britain. This to me sounds like they use this as an excuse to make them sound more legitimate. I asked many more parents that i met what their views of Steiner schools were and i can honestly say that not one of them had a positive thing to say! These people all came from Austria, The Netherlands and also Sweden and France.

    One parent was actually flabbergasted that we sent our child to a steiner school! He said that we seemed very sensible, intelligent and normal and he couldn’t believe that we sent our child to the cult school (his words, not mine!)

    • Helen

      The “sensible, intelligent and normal” parents are those who realise the most quickly that something’s up, once they are involved.
      This shows how poorly informed people here are in general about the real nature of the Steiner brand, and how well the movement do their marketing. It’s so hard for parents to know there is much more to it than meets the eye – and so they don’t even start asking questions until they are already involved. How could they possibly even suspect there was more to it? It’s so well hidden on the outside.
      It sounds like there is more awareness on the continent, and perhaps in these countries there are less people signing up who innocently believe they are doing the best for their child, in ignorance of anthroposophy, than there are here.
      I hope that will change now the issue is beginning to be discussed more in the media.

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