Plans to be resubmitted

A report in Stroud Life today says the Steiner free school Initiative in Stroud will resubmit their plans in October.

The group say they are amending aspects of their plans according to advice from the DfE
“Namely the governance model, our affiliation with the existing Steiner Academies and a couple of points relating to the new ‘Progress 8’, which sets the criteria for how many and which GCSEs are made available to pupils.”

They say the New Schools Network have “extended their support” for the bid.




  1. MarkHayes

    In stark contrast with North Devon and Leeds: who are perhaps a little more realistic in their assessments of what might be going on inside the DfE: “The feeling is that they are trying to establish how the Steiner education system can progress within their guidelines” and “the window for alternatives to receive state funding seems to have closed.”

  2. Helen

    I telephoned our MP Neil Carmichael’s office this morning to find out if he really is as enthusiastic about the free school as he sounds in this report. One of the staff phoned him and told me that what he actually said on the subject is that this was “a step too far” – rather different from what appeared in Stroud Life.
    Apparently I am to receive a letter from him (he will be writing tomorrow) to explain his position.

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