We are Waldorf critics – an open letter

I can’t re-blog this post from the Waldorf Review, as it is not on WordPress, but I hope people here in Stroud will read it and understand critics better.


This open letter comes from the heart. It spells out what Steiner movement has done – and what it continues to do, to children and families.

Why do people become Steiner critics? Because there has been damage done to children.

Critics try to prevent this happening again.

My curiosity about the Steiner movement began because of the way it has spread so widely in the area. Brief experience of working in a Steiner school meant I instantly recognised some of the descriptions I read, and they explained some mysterious goings on from those days. Once you start investigating, the remarkable facts about anthroposophy and its followers are hard to ignore.

Yes, it’s a strange belief system. Yes, it acts on people’s minds and makes them willing to accept ridiculously improbable ideas. It appears harmless and even attractive on the outside, but has a sinister purpose and disastrous effects on those who unwittingly join the cult.

These are difficult matters to explain to those with no experience of the creed, but for anyone considering a Steiner education, they are extremely important to understand.

The Steiner movement should take heed of this letter. They will certainly have read it.



  1. Pete Karaiskos

    Thank you Helen. A reader on the Waldorf Critics forum wondered if my letter needed to be forwarded directly to AWSNA. I explained to him that “AWSNA has a file on me and I’m sure they have already assigned a panel of experts to take my letter seriously and to begin implementing the changes in Waldorf that will be necessary in order to comply with the expressed desires of the critics.” What? It could happen…

  2. Helen

    On the one hand Steiner people do their best to keep children and families away from the internet – “the importance of avoiding spending too much time on screens” was stressed here only yesterday by a Steiner supporter – and on the other they spend vast amounts of time and effort patrolling the forums and blogs and putting out misinformation about how “we do not teach anthroposophy”.
    A neat trick – make sure parents don’t read the criticism whilst simultaneously going after the critics.
    Those people in Switzerland must have huge bulging files by now.

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