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Information about Michaelmas from MarkH. The most important of the festivals for anthroposophists, but possibly the least understood by parents.

Steiner's mirror

The anthroposophical festival of Michaelmas is upon us, celebrated in Steiner schools and other anthroposophical institutions all over the world. The celebration of Michaelmas goes back much further than Rudolf Steiner of course. It is the historical Christian feast of Saint Michael, also known as the Archangel Michael. Falling on September 29th, in bygone times it was one of the “quarter days” which evenly marked time through the year as one season merges into the next. It was a time not only for celebration but also for hiring new servants, calling in debts or renewing contracts. The word Michaelmas is still in use in legal circles and in the older British universities as the name for the first term of the academic year.

For Steiner, Michael had particular significance. He is in fact an ‘Archai’ – a spiritual being one level higher than an Archangel. Here’s Roy Wilkinson on Steiner’s…

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  1. Helen

    Christy Corp Minamijij wrote that the festival “tells the story of St George and the Dragon” in her post “Why dragons don’t make good pets” – and she claims to have researched anthroposophy before she enrolled her children.
    Here Mark tells us they are celebrating “the Christ Impulse”.

  2. David Clark

    Hi Helen,

    With a Christian heritage, I reckon Easter is by far the most important festival in the Liturgical Year. I reckon Mark’s text is quite helpful, grounding Michaelmas in the yearly cycle and setting its celebration in the (albeit selective) context of recent research that is necessarily incomplete and tentative.

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