Godparents Anthroposophical Training Fund

Most teachers in Steiner schools, including state-funded academies and free schools, have been trained in anthroposophy, as required by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship in their accreditation process document. The Godparents Anthroposophical Training Fund provides funding for this.

This organisation provides loans for tuition fees to “students undertaking designated Anthroposophical vocational training courses in the UK”. it also provides grants in “exceptional circumstances” and “assists families in short term financial difficulties with loans or grants towards tuition fees for children in Steiner Waldorf education.” Families must meet their “criteria”, although details of these are not given on the website.




Here is the list of Anthroposophical training courses for which funding is available.

  • Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training
  • Rhythmical Massage Therapy
  • Anthroposophical Art Therapy
  • Bothmer Movement
  • Eurythmy and Eurythmy Therapy
  • Anthroposophical Speech and Drama

The Bothmer, eurythmy, art therapy and speech and drama are on the curriculum in Steiner schools, although only Bothmer “gymnastics” and eurythmy  are referred to by name. The “art therapy” is sort of what teachers are doing when they make children use prescribed colours, materials and techniques at specific ages ; that’s why all the children’s artwork looks so similar – to see a display of artwork on the classroom wall, one would think it was an exercise in copying, rather than individual expression. It is a ritual rather than a creative process.

I have vague memories of drama lessons, but they generally consist of the same works at the same age in every school, according to what Steiner stipulated.

Anyway it is interesting to read what the GATF regard as “anthroposophical”; clearly Steiner teacher training is acknowledged as such here.



Any thoughts?

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