Steiner Academy Five Valleys Ltd

The proposed Steiner Free school is a limited Company with eight directors according to Companycheck. All but one were appointed in the New Year.

Mr Joseph Arragon Evans

Mr Joseph Christopher Cooper

Mr Vince John Southcott

Mrs Gabriel Fiona Kaye

Ms Amy Elizabeth Dadachanji

Ms Natasha Kirsten Ramm

Ms Sarah Jane Costello

Ms Tarra Melody Gilder Rai


The company address is Ednor Bowl Hill, Little London, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 5DU

Joe Evans I think is the very same one who is business manager of the Bristol Steiner Academy. He gave up being a director of that company a few days before becoming a director of SAFV. He commented recently on my post about the Bristol school employing unqualified teachers.

Christopher Cooper has no other directorships.

Vince Southcott  is also director of Springhill Co-housing Community Ltd , and head teacher of Nailsworth Primary School.

Gabriel Fiona Kaye has been a trainer and consultant in organisational structures, charity requirements, administration and management for Steiner Schools.

She is a director of Persephone college UK Ltd (Steiner “psychosophy”)

She is part of the core group of the Stroud Steiner free schools initiative.

She is a director (advisory consultant) of the Steiner Academy Five Valleys Ltd.

She is director of the Godparents Anthroposophical Training fund.

She works for the Biodynamic Association and with Certification.

She was born on a biodynamic farm, and even has a proper legit Steiner first name (after an Archangel)

Tarra Gilder Rai has 3 other directorships.

Amy Dadachanji has threatened me with legal action for writing a post she didn’t like. She and the remaining names have no other directorships.

How many of these eight people are aware of exactly what they are getting into? It is difficult to tell. Joe Evans and Gabriel Kaye are up to their necks in anthroposophy I would say. The other six may or may not be fully aware of some of the less pleasant tenets of the belief system they hope to use to run a school. One would hope and expect that they had done a lot of research before plunging in to this ill-advised enterprise, but maybe they have just got carried away by the felted crafts and tasty food  and the soft voices of the kindy teachers.

Perhaps Gabriel and Joe have told them there is nothing to worry about, nothing to research, but as they are dealing with the well-being of their own children and future generations of children in Stroud they should feel a responsibility to know what they are doing.

If they really do know all about anthroposophy and still think its ok, shame on them.




  1. Helen

    Vince Southcott is listed as headteacher director at the planned Steiner free school, and also as headteacher of Nailsworth Primary school.
    It could be that this is the same person?
    I have asked the free school group for details of the people involved but no information has been forthcoming except what we read in the papers, and that is often not wholly reliable.

  2. Helen

    There are 42 years between the dates of birth of the two Mr coopers, so they are different.
    Mr Southcott is listed as director (headteacher education) whatever that means?

    • Helen

      I have been told that the above mentioned Vince Southcott is indeed head teacher at Nailsworth Primary school, and is a governor of the proposed Steiner school. It remains unclear exactly how much Mr Southcott knows about anthroposophy and the way it is used in Steiner schools.

Any thoughts?

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