Camphill and Anthroposophy (2)

Any casual reader of the Camphill Village Trust (CVT) website could be forgiven for thinking it has nothing to do with Rudolf Steiner or anthroposophy. There is no mention of the A word, unless you read the Strategic Plan document linked to on the website.

Here is some explanation of how anthroposophy is central to the way Camphill and CVT operate.

In January this year Huw John attended a meeting of the core group of the movement group of the Karl Konig Institute which is based in Berlin. The meeting was held at “Larchfield England”.

Karl Kӧnig was an anthroposophist who founded the Camphill movement. One of the main purposes of the institute is to preserve KKs archives and promote “a practical and contemporary understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy”.

The current Core Group consists of: Ruediger Grimm (Goetheanum/Switzerland); Henrik Hammer (Norway); Betty Marx( Scotland); Michael Motz (Switzerland) ;Sabine Otto(USA); Richard Steel (Karl König Institute).

Mr John was a guest at the meeting and Jonathan Reid and Mark Barber from Botton were invited.

On the agenda for the Summer meeting in June was

  • Anthroposophy – how is it relevant?
  • Anthroposophy how is it innovative?

The subtitle for the meeting was “Anthroposophy as Source for inspiration”

Delegates were asked to prepare reports showing how/where anthroposophy is the Source for inspiration in Camphill.

Unfortunately for us the reports are not available.

From reading Huw John’s profile on CVT I would not have guessed he was familiar with anthroposophy but his presence at these meetings demonstrate his acceptance and promotion of the creed.

Yes, the staff, co-workers, are anthroposophists, but so, it seems are those at the top of the CVT




  1. Topaz

    Interestingly enough -they aren’t. This is one of the biggest blocks to reasonable dialogue. The management are on “the outside” – and therefore their opinions are not worth anything. They were guests at the meeting – and one gets the feeling – often about as welcome as a fart at a vicars tea party. One of the big issues at the moment is that the co-workers feel that management are only paying lip service to anthroposophy – and that there are not enough anthroposophists on the board of trustees.

    • Helen

      One of the other trustees Felicity Chadwick Histed says her grandfather was tutored by Rudolf Steiner, and anthroposophy does tend to run in families…
      But yes, I do get the impression Huw John is paying lip-service, as you say. I am just writing about another meeting he spoke at, more on this later.
      But we come back to the question of “what is an anthroposophist?” – and that is not easy to answer. I think that anyone who knows all about it and still promotes it, or hides it from those who don’t *need to know* deserves the label, even if they are not meditating daily and speaking to their angel.

Any thoughts?

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