Anti-bullying ?


I am re-blogging this because it is important in the context of the recently resubmitted application from the Stroud Steiner free school group. Since I wrote this the Exeter Steiner Academy have overhauled their website and I anticipated they would change this policy document on bullying in school. But no, it remains as it was. Not only that, but the Bristol Steiner Academy “anti- bullying” policy is exactly the same.
Should the second attempt to gain state-funding be successful in Stroud, we can confidently expect the same unacceptable views on bullying to be reproduced as policy here too.

Stop Steiner in Stroud

All schools have anti-bullying policies now, and Steiner schools are no exception.

The state-funded Exeter Steiner Academy’s policy is pretty standard except for the following extract;

Pupils usually become victims of bullying through no fault of their own. On occasions, however, a pupil may be subject to bullying because they:

  • are new to the class;
  • are different in appearance, speech or background from other people;
  • suffer from low self esteem.

I have never seen a document before that suggested bullying may be the victim’s own fault. The three areas highlighted must be what Steiner schools regard as problem situations in their experience.

The first category corresponds to the deliberately fostered tribal nature of a Steiner class, as described in the Handbook for Waldorf class teachers; the class remains with the same teacher for 8 years, and a strong bond is formed. Any outsider will have trouble integrating, according to…

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