If not Steiner, what?

The name of the company formerly known as “Steiner Academy Five Valleys Ltd” was changed on October 28th according to the Uk companies List website.

It is now called “Stroud Academy Ltd”.

This was hinted at in a remark on the Stroud Steiner free school Initiative facebook page in response to a question from me. The whole conversation has now been removed.

What exactly is going on with this free school bid, and are parents aware of what kind of school they are supporting?

If not Steiner, what will it be? The website and the facebook page still refer to “Steiner”.




  1. Jim

    Given that one of the reasons for the first application being rejected was something to do with governance could it be that, like the Acorn school in Nailsworth, the Stroud Steiners are going for a school which is not governed by SWSF? That would be one which for all practical purposes is a Steiner school and all the nonsense that implies but which does not have specific formal links.

Any thoughts?

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