“Laying one’s karmic founda­tion in one incarnation for the next.”

“Anthroposophic medicine teaches that to prevent a disease in the physical body only postpones what will then be produced in an­other incarnation.”

This statement appears in an article on vaccination by the German anthroposophical Doctor Olaf Koob. Two of his articles appear on line in the Anthromed Library alongside the article on Constitutional Types by Michaela Glӧckler.

Dr Koob travels around imparting his knowledge about the Steiner version of medicine, and recently attended a seminar on anthroposophy in Nepal alongside another German and a Swiss, where he spoke about “the cosmic influences in human organs and human organization according to anthroposophy.”

In one article, on “The meaning of childhood illnesses”, he explains the reason children catch illnesses;

“Infectious illnesses are conta­gious because they are “imitated” by a body that has not yet quite been mastered by the soul.”

In Steiner’s version of reincarnation, the child chooses its parents, and it’s body is provided by the parents. This body, or “outer person”, must be made compatible with the child’s soul or spirit, in this belief system. Parents and physicians must not “hinder what wants to express itself in a crisis of the body”.

“An illness, overcome correctly, will lead to health in adulthood, for the battle of our spirit with our physical al­ways leads to increased strength.”

In other words, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The second article is on vaccination, and here we are told that conventional medicine is sadly lacking in understanding of the causes of childhood illnesses. Anthroposophists, on the other hand, having referred to Steiner’s “indications” know better.

“Anthroposophic and con­ventional medicine have dramati­cally different viewpoints as to what causes common childhood illnesses…

Anthroposophic medicine sees humans as passing through successive earthly lives in­carnated in a physical body, “laying one’s karmic founda­tion in one incarnation for the next.”‘ Illness comes to an individual not by chance but as an opportunity to come to terms with one’s karma from previous incarnations.”

It is believed that ill­ness assists “self-growth and development”.

The re­sponsibility of a healer is to assist the human being expe­riencing the illness to deal with it karmically.”

… pre­vention of an illness may be beneficial in the course of one incarnation but may not be for the entire soul life and development of the person…”


Whether it is childhood illness, accidents or victimisation by bullies, it is karmically wrong to interfere. It’s a point of view, certainly, but not an appropriate one for people with the responsibility of looking after and educating children. They do not even have the decency to explain their attitudes to parents. It is left to them to find and trawl through articles like these by Dr Koob, to uncover the real reasons why Steiner schools do not provide immunisation for pupils.

Steiner schools are known for being “unvaccinated communities” . The British Humanist Association (BHA), in a briefing published this year, listed the reasons they are concerned about Steiner schools gaining state funding, and one of these is the opting out  by the state-funded Steiner Academy Hereford from the HPV vaccine programme.

The BHA say that schools are allowed to opt out for religious reasons. In the case of Hereford, “The schools states that it is not their policy to offer children immunisation within the school”.

Outbreaks of diseases are not uncommon in Steiner communities, where although schools say vaccination is an issue of parental choice, many individual teachers oppose vaccination, agreeing with Rudolf Steiner’s revelation after consulting the spirit world, that it damages a child’s karma. The Journal of infectious diseases lists anthroposophical schools  under “affected groups and settings for transmission”, and goes into some detail about the reasons for this in the discussion at the end.

A consensus within Steiner communities that vaccination is a bad thing means that it would be a brave parent who went against the accepted doctrine and had their child vaccinated. The reasons, as clearly detailed in the articles by Olaf Koob, are not usually cited by parents when asked why they opt out of protecting their children from disease. Anthroposophists at work in these schools will often not quote Steiner directly on this issue, but point to scare stories in the media, or a general distrust of the medical profession.

It doesn’t matter to them what reasons the parents believe, the outcome is the same; the child’s soul will be allowed to incarnate properly and she will be helped karmically along the spiritual path to “knowledge of Higher Worlds”  – their aim for all humanity.


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