Talking the talk

Further to my recent post on childhood illness, someone pointed out to me that Joe Evans, one of the directors of the Stroud Academy company, was filmed earlier this year saying that his school, the Bristol Steiner Academy will be participating in the government’s HPV vaccination programme, and that it will not have an anthroposophical doctor.

He also said that there will be no unchecked bullying and that the school, despite being part of the SWSF and teaching the Steiner curriculum, will not teach pseudoscience such as “the heart is not a pump”.

Big promises.

The film can be found by searching for “Joe Evans Steiner school vaccination”.

I saw this film yesterday, and my biggest surprise is that Mr Evans appears considerably younger than the hairy individual playing a melodeon in his facebook picture. What he said was not a surprise – Steiner followers are good at “talking the talk” – I have never yet heard one admit “we teach pseudoscience” or “we believe in karma”.

We’ll see.



  1. Vince

    Great video by Steinermentary but slight correction to your account. He said they’d take part in community vaccination programmes not specifically HPV. Why the cloak and dagger of not providing a link?

  2. we escaped!

    Having first hand experience, we have also heard all of this before. They will say what they think you want to hear, its all for show. I would never believe a word that passes their lips, as we were continually lied to and mislead. The school we attended regularly had signs up on walls stating that there were cases of measles at the school. At the time we had no idea that the majority of the children were not vaccinated. We were very ignorant and weren’t aware of anthroposophy. We didn’t listen to people that had warned us, as it simply sounded crazy! However, we now understand and know the truth and we so very much wish we had of listened! Who would expect grown adults that belong to a school to lie and deceive? Expect it at a steiner, because it happens.

  3. Steve

    “we were continually lied to and mislead.”

    As were we. We were told that they took bullying very seriously, that they would deal with it, that we need to give them a little more time. In actuality their intentions were for us to leave in disgust and when we stuck at it as we believed they meant what they said, they expelled our kids without warning, even those that weren’t being bullied and were having a great time.

    What’s worse, is when they finally settled with us in front of the NZ Human Rights Tribunal Director who oversaw the end of the mediation settlement, they then contradicted everything they signed by publishing an open letter on their website. How could anyone think such an environment of deceit would create positive role models for children?

    “They will say what they think you want to hear, its all for show.”

    Which is why this interview is important: it isn’t something someone said to someone else in a corridor somewhere; this is the Bristol Steiner Academy going on the record. If they lie about it, like the Titirangi school did with us, it’ll be out there for everyone to see.

Any thoughts?

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