Botton co-workers perform…

The co-workers at Botton Camphill community in Yorkshire have devised a new way of trying to gain support in their battle with the Camphill Village Trust.

It leaves me slightly bewildered as I am not sure how they think this helps. Perhaps you need to be an anthroposophist to understand…

At the end of the video there is a link to “Action for Botton” where there are details of how the co-workers who are opposed to the changes to their working practices see the situation there.

“The Charity Commission has insisted that it cannot rule on whether the Camphill Village Trust (CVT) is upholding the principles of Rudolf Steiner embedded in the Camphill movement“,

says “Action for Botton”.

Well, I am not surprised. The Commission is probably wondering what on earth it has got involved in. First they will have to understand the “principles” of Rudolf Steiner – not a simple task.




  1. Topaz

    What!? These people are carers of vulnerable adults? If I was an employed care worker and did this I would at the very least be suspended. But then I am not an anthroposophist. Maybe it is a special ritual designed to play out ones proper karma or whatever?

  2. Nick Nakorn

    The video was hilarious. Do the makers seriously not know that the song is about sex? All the (white) men in the video also display a series of (jokey?) homo-erotic tableu (nothing wrong with that) but what on earth has any of it to do with Botton? Where were the women? Where were representations of other ethnic groups? Of course ‘stiring’ is an important part of both Biodynamics and Homeopathy so perhaps Anthros like the idea that it’s a bit like ‘spiritual’ sex? Who knows….?

    • Helen

      Confusion all round, then.
      Gregoire Perra wrote about spiritual sex in his post about the influence of anthroposophy, and I don’t remember anything like this.
      I didn’t translate that bit in my summary.

      The big problem here of course is that these people are supporting vulnerable adults, and are objecting to interference from the authorities, and having to abide by regulations. It is very worrying for the families, and also makes one wonder about the other Camphill Communities around the country which are run in the same way.

  3. we escaped!

    Think Bob would turn in his grave to know that his song was used in such a manner.
    Very, very insulting to Bob Marley lovers. :-)
    We love Bob and do not wish to have his name associated with this dribble.

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