Bernard Jarman

Why did Bernard Jarman write to a local paper this week in support of the proposed free school? Because it is a Steiner school and he is one of the elite Steiner followers who is well informed about anthroposophy. He failed to mention these facts in his lengthy letter.

He is a Biodynamic consultant, according to “linkedin” and therefore knows the point of Steiner education is to indoctrinate children into acceptance of a spiritual world where higher beings must be consulted at every turn. Biodynamics is pure Steiner, and uses astrology, dead animals, and ritual vortex creation to grow produce.

It is a shame Mr Jarman did not use his letter to explain how Steiner mysticism affects children and families in Steiner schools; how they are taught to despise those on the outside and turn away from normal society. He and other local correspondents including Richard House support the Steiner school without declaring their in-depth knowledge of anthroposophy or explaining how it is used. They are in a good position to inform parents but instead they hide the facts.

Mr Jarman used words like “progressive” and “egalitarian” and this is misleading, since the Steiner system is outdated and based on horrible elitist ideas about racial hierarchies which are still used in their teacher training, and in their teaching handbook. It is anything but egalitarian as there will be some parents “in the know” and some alarmingly ignorant due to the secrecy and denial of Steiner followers.

If this school is approved it will provide yet more opportunities for Steiner followers, who fail to declare their interest, to draw more local people into their cultish way of life.

There are many unusual religions but only Steiner attempt to set up schools without informing parents of their creed.

I urge everyone, not just parents, to do some thorough research into who is supporting this free school bid and why. Anthroposophy wrecks lives, and needs stopping in its tracks. The only way to do this is to find out about the nasty belief system that is the “inspiration” for Steiner schools, and spread the word.

Anyone who promotes and makes a living from any aspect of Steiner’s belief system is not to be trusted with relation to the free school.






Any thoughts?

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