“I know you hate anthroposophy with a passion…”

Jonathan Mc has been commenting on the Stop Steiner facebook page for a while now, and has accused me of, among other things, being a fascist. This morning he had another go.

Here is his latest missive, on a post about a Botton careworker;

“Hello Hel en . As you’ll read in private eye ,this “safeguarding” issue has been revelaed to be the fact he told one of the residents he worked with his job was under threat by CVT, as they were attempting to remove all volunteer co-workers and in effect destroy the camphill. Her mother complained as this upset her. This is the fault of CVT. I know you hate anthroposophy with a passion, but honestly do your research on this. The CQC also have said very very positive things in their last report. Its in this weeks private eye in the back. Its ok for people to read your ambiguous stuff and get the eerie vibe you promote but not in this case.”

When challenged about his connection to the Steiner movement  (he had photos of a Steiner classroom on his profile page)  he said he has taught science in Steiner schools as a freelance teacher, and has no vested interest in defending Steiner education. He is very angry at me for criticising the movement and accuses me of knowing nothing about Steiner or anthroposophy.

This latest defence of Camphill is baffling if he really has no connection with the Steiner movement. Likewise his assertion that the CVT  is to blame for “destroying the Camphill”. As we have acknowledged here before there are good aspects to the work of Camphill, but as with Steiner schools, the anthroposophical foundation is not made obvious, and the anthro “therapies” that residents are prescribed and pay for are in my view highly suspect. Camphill seems to exist mainly as a way for Steiner followers to live communally and have their anthroposophical “study groups” and “consecration of Man” services with minimal  financial outlay.

For more information about Camphill go to the “Adult Social Care” category .

Witness the letter which found its way into the public domain.

The original Private Eye article provided an odd viewpoint of the goings on at Botton, and I wonder where their report came from.

Jonathan, you say in your fb comments you have read this blog, and disapprove of people reading criticism such as this. As well as the comment above, someone commented on a mumsnet discussion this morning too, and warned;

” Id beware of these stop steiner people too… read a lot of their stuff its pretty worrying. theyre pretty obvs biased because they hate the idea behind it not the practice”

Both these comments accuse me of “hating anthroposophy” .

I would not say I hate it more than some other unpleasant belief systems, but I certainly do have a problem with the covert way the creed of anthroposophy is being used on children and vulnerable adults, and with the way the “movement” appropriates public money to do this.

We are afflicted with anthroposophy in an extreme way here in Stroud, but it is important to inform parents and put a lid on the expansion of Steiner schools nationally, before even more damage is done.

So Jonathan, why not join the discussion here, rather than confining yourself to facebook (and Mumsnet)?


One comment

  1. Steve

    If Jonathan Mc reads this page, I’d like him to explain how an education system that treats people like this:



    can be trusted.

    Especially when those who evangelise the movement treat survivors like this:


    And it’s not just families who attend Steiner schools; “trusted neighbours” get vilified too:


    Steiner’s got a great PR machine, but the truth is very disturbing.

    And if Jonathan Mc comes back and states that you can’t tar a whole movement because of a handful of incidents, then I’d like to know, if Steiner really is a “kinder, gentler alternative education”, why it doesn’t condemn the bad schools and teachers in its ranks but instead hides what they do and blame the families instead?

Any thoughts?

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