Crisis at Botton

The crisis at Botton Village, a Camphill community run by the Camphill Village Trust in Yorkshire, continues.

Talks between the CVT and representatives fom Botton have broken down.

Action for Botton claim that the CVT has acted illegally in evicting co-workers who refuse to comply with new working practices; someone from that group has been posting messages on a forum on “David” (!) complaining about the behaviour of CVT and asking for support from him.

Last week they posted a “Joint Statement by representatives of Botton, Delrow and The Grange Camphill Communities.”

CVT have posted a report on their website

The co-workers want to continue their anthroposophical life-style (“Consecration of Man” services, biodynamic farming, anthroposophical study groups, anthro festivals, Steiner education for their children, all on expenses) and are putting up a fight which they say they will continue in to the courts.

Some workers who have left Botton recently arrived in Stroud and have been trying to gather support for a “new Camphill place”, as reported here in October.






Any thoughts?

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