A warning to parents considering Steiner education

I am today adding a page to the top of the blog entitled “A Steiner experience”.

This is an account from parents who fell victim to Steiner and suffered the consequences. Their child is now doing well in a mainstream school, but the family count themselves lucky to have survived this traumatic time and look back in disbelief at their treatment at the hands of a Steiner school recently in the UK.

Indeed it is hard to comprehend that any school could behave in such a way, but with Steiner education, it seems anything is possible.

One thing to point out is that independent Steiner schools are inspected by the Schools Inspection Service, SIS, which as the writers say is accountable to Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. However the SIS employs people with connections to the Steiner movement, who probably do not acknowledge problems where others on the outside certainly would. SIS inspects Steiner schools, Focus schools (Plymouth Brethren) and Cognita schools.

I do not know what kind of report the school in question received when it was inspected, but on looking at the SIS report page for 2013/14 on the Ofsted website , there is mention of an emergency inspection of a Steiner school;


Her Majesty’s Inspectors monitored the inspections of two Steiner schools. One of these was an emergency inspection to monitor a school’s progress towards meeting specific independent school standards following a safeguarding incident the previous year. The quality of both inspections was judged to be good.

How such potentially catastrophic failings as those documented in the account above can be missed and ignored when inspections are carried out is unfathomable. Ofsted oversees standards at independent schools, and yet seems to have no teeth when it comes to dealing with problems. Or it has teeth but for whatever reason will not use them.

These parents feel they were “sucked in and spat out” – a feeling many other families, former students and employees will recognise.

Just one story among many, this one will remain on the front page of “Stop Steiner in Stroud” until something is done about this deceitful and obnoxious cult.


Any thoughts?

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