Camphill and Anthroposophy


A reminder of how Camphill train their staff, and the importance they attach to karma and reincarnation.
The “Wisdom of Anthroposophy” takes precedence.

Stop Steiner in Stroud

From the outset, my main reason for writing about Steiner in Stroud has been the secrecy and deception practised by those involved in running many of the 30+ business operations in the area.

Many local people have become involved without realising the nature of what they have got in to. That includes schools, colleges, kindergartens and also Camphill.

Looking at the websites for Camphill communities and colleges it would be very difficult to know that they had anything to do with Rudolf Steiner’s belief system “Anthroposophy”.

The word is mentioned nowhere on the website of William Morris House, for example, a large establishment with several houses looked after by House Parents in a similar way to the Camphill community at Botton, as  featured in the tv programme.

Steiner’s name is mentioned, but only in connection with his so – called “Christian ideals”, and a vague mention of “spiritual uniqueness”.

And yet, a look…

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  1. Topaz

    No we are absolutely not told that. My husband and I would not have gone anywhere near it if we knew that. Maybe you could forward this to Channel 4?

  2. Jim

    My copy of the LRB arrived today. As I opened it I shook out the usual collection of advertising flyers and one caught my eye – it was a beautifully produced fund raiser for Camphill. There were the usual idyllic images of country crafts and the warm words about the uniquely caring family environment. And I’m not suggesting that there is no truth at all in that. But there was no mention at all of what truly makes Camphill unique – the anthroposophy.
    A similar appeal for say a Catholic home would make no bones about its religious affiliation and you could make a reasonably informed choice as to whether it was something you wished to support. For a religious movement as relatively unknown as anthroposophy it is even more important for its ethos to be communicated rather than concealed.

    • Helen

      London Review of Books – I had to look it up.
      I would love to put a flyer in detailing the way anthroposophy is used in Camphill – wonder how much that would cost?

    • Jim

      Oops! Highly recommend the LRB – much more than just book reviews but proper essays on topical issues. In fact the book reviews are often just the starting point for an essay.

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