No justification for anti- vaccination stance

A facebook supporter told me about this powerful article about vaccination written by a mother who has already lost a child, and now is in the terrible situation of being told that her 15 day old baby boy is at risk of catching measles, through exposure to the virus in the doctor’s waiting room.

She is very angry at those “anti-vaxxers” who put other people’s health at risk for invalid reasons.

Please read the article and share it if possible as the writer wishes as many people to know about the risk to babies and all unvaccinated people from potentially devastating infectious diseases such as measles.

Difficult for anyone to justify an anti-vaccination stance after reading this. And I am afraid that families in Stroud will find themselves at an even higher risk from these diseases should the number of Steiner institutions in the town increase, due to the anthroposophical religious belief that vaccination affects “karma”.

In the states doctors frequently turn away children from their practices if the parents have chosen not to vaccinate, to avoid the risk of infection to those too young or too frail to be vaccinated themselves. There may well be a case for this policy in this country, if it is not already in place.




  1. Helen

    The anti-vaccination people are commenting on the post on facebook in an angry way. They do not deny the story is true but imply that it was written for personal gain and as propaganda. They regard vaccination as a government conspiracy but fail to convince that there is any validity to this claim.
    Facebook can be an unfriendly place. I guess the anti-vaxxers are trying to make it even more unpleasant.
    Here is a related article in the Financial Times, which also mentions Prince Charles and his support for homeopathy.

  2. Jim

    The conspiracy theorists always have a field day with stuff like this but it’s even worse when you get Taliban style nutters involved. Then it becomes real life and death business. And unfortunately it’s not helped when the CIA uses fake vaccination clinics in the hunt for bin Laden. It just seems to prove the antis right.

Any thoughts?

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