Botton refugees seek new “Community”.


The case of the Botton co-workers and the Camphill Village Trust comes to court today.

Stop Steiner in Stroud

A couple who had to leave Botton Village Camphill Community in Yorkshire after a six month suspension over safeguarding allegations and who now live in Stroud have written about their plans for a new Steiner or “Camphill” Community near “a town”. (see previous post)

They have approached local Steiner follower Martin Large, the executive director of the Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT) who supports their plan “in principle”.

The plan, to “find a new way forward with adults with a learning disability and others who need community” , would have to have a “spiritual core”.  Any care required would be provided by individuals, so as not to be subject to social care regulations.

The plan seems to be a last ditch attempt by this couple to find somewhere to live an anthroposophical lifestyle as they did undisturbed in Botton until the authorities became involved. If nothing comes of it they say they will be off…

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  1. Jim

    This was reported on the Today programme on R4 this morning, predictably with no mention of Steiner or what underlies the Camphill movement. Inevitably it therefore came across as idealists versus business and political correctness.
    I don’t think this is bias, just superficial reporting.

  2. Vicki

    How can this be allowed if there were safeguarding issues? Any vulnerable person should be protected and if they have been deemed unfit to work with vulnerable adults then they should not be allowed to do so!

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