That Time I ….. Ruined Friendships By Telling The Truth


I am pleased to say that Laura has decided to repost her article “Working in an alternate reality” about working for a Steiner organisation, for reasons she explains. It describes many of the ways anthroposophy is used in such organisations and the harm this can cause, and provides important information. The problems are not limited to isolated businesses, but occur wherever anthroposophy is the reason for existence.



  1. Jim

    Buried in the grim tale is one ( presumably accidental ) bit of humour. Laura refers to a client being taken to a homeopathic doctor for a “consolation” and a bottle of sugar pills. I initially read this as “consultation” which I assume is what was intended but on reflection consolation is more like it. Warm words of wellness and damn all else, apart from the bill of course.

    • humanisthousewife

      Your right, I did mean consultation, should of used spell checker! But your right, consolation fits the bill well too!

  2. we escaped!

    Bravo to Laura, my suspicions of why she deleted her original blog were accurate -unfortunately! Hence, why so many choose to remain anonymous (even though they know who we are!) I applaud her bravery and strength of character for standing up to the truth.

    We would definitely be more outspoken, however we feel that they have damaged our family enough and we do not trust them and live in genuine fear of what they may do. The school are guilty of abuse to our child within the school, imagine what they are capable of outside of that.

    • humanisthousewife

      Thank you for your kind words. I fully understand your fears, and to be honest I’m still a little worried about any consiquences of posting it again, but I feel more mentally able to deal with whatever they throw at me. I’m sorry your family have suffered so much at the hands of these people, and I wish you all well in moving on from what’s happened.

    • Steve

      Indeed! After expelling our children the Steiner school then spread the most disgusting rumours about us throughout the local area, rumours which affected my work (I’m a freelancer) and my children in the other school they went to, when those rumours trickled there and parents refused to let their children play with ours even though they had been “best friends” just moments before.

      What’s quite scary is how ready people are to believe the worst in people just on someone’s say so. That has nothing to do with Steiner, but everything to do with human mentality which some groups are only too keen to abuse.

  3. Helen

    I think you did amazingly well to stick it out for all those years as a non-conformist – most people either leave pdq or get sucked in. Your sense of responsibility meant that you stayed longer than you wanted to, and the organisation obviously benefited from that. I don’t think you wrote in an overly emotional or sensational way at all, (as you suggest in your post) and I wouldn’t blame you if you were angry – they basically chew people up and spit them out. It is really shocking.
    It is clearly good for individuals to move on, as I have said before this is one of the reasons most sufferers never say anything publicly, but each time someone decides to tell their story this helps other victims to realise what has happened to them and why, and hopefully also helps to prevent more families and individuals becoming involved in the dangerous cult of Steiner.
    I think your post explains really well what a belief in anthroposophy means in the context of social care – the complete detachment from reality and disregard for the rights of others.

    • humanisthousewife

      Thanks Helen. In a way I’m still upset that I had to leave because in spite of all the awful things that happened I really cared about my clients and loved working with them, they were my sole reason for staying there and I still miss them now. I have one friend who still works there that I still have a great relationship with so they update me on the clients, and I still send the clients birthday and Xmas cards, but I never hear from them directly (most are not able to read or write very well, of at all, so can only write if someone helps and obviously that isn’t happening).
      I hope my story gives some comfort to others that they are not the only ones who have had a bad experience with steiner, if it helps someone even in a small way then it’s worth any consiquences that come my way.

  4. Helen

    All this is not going to encourage more parents to speak out, but it is only fair to make people aware of how certain Steiner people have been known to operate in the past. It may be that some of the bad behaviour towards those who complain will be curbed by the fact that free schools are more answerable to the government than independent schools.

    • Steve

      Don’t bet on it: Steiner schools have been government-funded for decades and do people speak out there more than elsewhere? Not really. We know of so many stories from so many Steiner schools there, which we can’t divulge because the families don’t want to speak out for fear of reprisals.

      Quite shocking really, when these institutions are supposed to be teaching children to “live through deeds of love and let others live with tolerance for their unique intentions”.

      Anyone else managed to take a Steiner school to Human Rights or any other independent body? It’s not easy but one case isn’t enough, obviously.

        • Helen

          I thought you meant that.
          I have stories I can’t divulge too, but I still hope that once people get over the initial shock they will feel able to speak out.

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